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Watershed | 2015
Grand Rapids Public Museum

Watershed is an outdoor sculpture designed for the Grand Rapids Public Museum in Grand Rapids Michigan. 

This sculptural drawing is the result of preliminary research on the ecology and environment of West Michigan, specifically the exceptional presence of fresh water unique to this part of the country and the universal importance of this valuable resource. In 2015 I visited Grand Rapids and the surrounding area, meeting with individuals in the environmental community and learning about the local ecology. By meeting with individuals who have a personal investment in sustainability and environmental practices I was able to gain an understanding of the ecological framework of the area and gather research for my site-specific artwork.

The sculpture is made from thousands of individually formed resin droplets emulating drops of water and arranged in a pattern derived from waterways, streams, weather patterns, etc., on sheer nylon fabric, creating the illusion that the water is suspended in space. The work was positioned on the lawn of the Public Museum and along the edge of the Grand River, the largest river in the state which both bisects and defines the city.


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