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artist statement:

I weave carpets from dust, transform seeds into lace, suspend a fleeting moment of rain droplets on window into a solid cast form. Guided by the poetic and inherent qualities of a material and a personal interest in history, memory and geography, I respond. I might become immersed in conversation with a single tree, the collective memories embedded in soil, or an entire geological epoch, always searching for deeper understanding of environment, of relationships, and of place. I am drawn to materials that hold stories from their familiar sources. I study them until my hands develop a means to respond and a conversation ensues. My intricate constellations from these materials culminate in drawings, sculptures and site-specific installations. With intense focus and repetition I participate in a meditative act, perhaps similar to the labor of crochet, embroidery or weaving. I pursue a poetic understanding of time, material, history, and place, along with a constant reckoning of human impact and cultural relations to the land with attention to histories of injustice. In my most recent work I engage in laborious processes, refining soil and sculpting it into delicate ephemeral sculptures that investigate the complicated history of the landscape and systems of value. 

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