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Full Time | 2015
La Esquina Gallery | Kansas City, MO

Full-Time was a collaborative performance and installation which took place over the course of a 40-hour work-week. The layout of the exhibition turned the venue into an efficient work space while intentionally maintaining its aesthetic identity as a gallery. Each day of the week my collaborator and I sewed 30 pillow cases, and cast 30 20lb concrete blocks. Each item was marked; the pillow cases embroidered and the blocks scratched into at the end of each day with the date and sequential number. When an item was completed it was placed on a palette in the rear of the gallery and a slip of paper was filled out with the item’s number, the date and time completed. During the closing reception the work was sold in packages, one block and one pillowcase, along with their corresponding record slips and a receipt signed by the artists. The cost of the package was $7.85, calculated as our total cost of materials and labor at minimum wage divided by the total number of items produced.



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