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Passages | 2014
Site-specific Installation at renovated Civil War era church | Lawrence, KS

Passages statement, 2014:

Over the past several months many hardworking hands contributed to the transformation of this beautiful space as my own hands worked to create this site-specific installation. Using familiar yet often forgotten materials from some of my own daily rituals the installation is entirely hand-sewn and designed to interact with the natural light of the space.

Passages aims to honor the history and past of this building as a place for faith and ritual while considering its future as a home. The dried tea bags and used dryer sheets which create the majority of the installation reflect some of the quieter nondescript routines that each of us share, whether making our morning commute to work or making a cup of coffee or tea.

Bringing light to these discarded materials acknowledges their presence in our lives, and by quilting them together the work becomes a physical record of time, routine, and process. I recognize these ephemeral, delicate, and translucent materials as they relate to memory and the passage of time.



Video (includes documentation footage of the renovation and the opening reception/open house) 


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